Boudie Babe Testimonials

Blond woman in bed with a white sheet covering her. She is looking away from the camera

“Roxanne went above and beyond any expectations I had for my first time boudoir experience. She listened to my wants and needs, before during and after the photoshoot and helped me not only feel comfortable but confident. The pictures are amazing. Her eye for beauty is impeccable. I can’t wait to book my next shoot!”

Woman with black hair in a bright setting in white lingerie in between white sheer curtains

“Roxanne is absolutely the best! I was so nervous but with her kindness and silliness, she quickly made me feel so comfortable and so beautiful. She perfectly captured what I had envisioned and more. She helped me view my body in a whole different light, and fall absolutely in love with myself.”

Mature brunette woman with a black long sleeve lingerie piece on her knees smiling at the camera

“Roxanne is the sweetest. She made me feel more than comfortable... beautiful... sexy... I am 41 and a mother of 3. I have never felt more beautiful than I did that day... the set up was gorgeous. The environment was very comfortable.The turn around for the final pics was very fast. I'm more than satisfied and would recommend this to all women who don't see all the beauty in themselves like they should... let Roxanne bring it out of you. Love yourself.”

Woman with natural curly hair in a black two piece lingerie set and velvet purple robe in the middle of a forest

“Roxanne was the perfect photographer for my boudoir Birthday shoot. She allowed me to be comfortable with myself and to step out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a boudoir shoot for any occasion.”

Indigenous woman with natural curly hair in a white macrame long sleeve one piece lingerie set laying on a white bed

“During my time of reclaiming my mindbodyspirit, I came to Rox in a very sensitive season of my life where I was experiencing some sort of rebirth and was painfully peeling off layers. She made time to listen to my story while playing my favorite music artist and created a safe space for me has been engraved in my memory as a powerful and healing experience. Rox offers an act of love, a service that hold women to the highest levels to nurture our divine femininity. Thank you, Roxanne.”

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