Empowerment Session


60-Minute Photo Session
30 Polished Digital Images

Add Ons:
Metal Prints - Starting at $150
Albums - Starting at $250
1 Minute Video - $250

*Add On Any Keepsake Suite to Your Package*

You Are Beautiful.

Keepsake Suites

(5) 5x7s and (5) 4x6 Fine Arts Prints

(5) 4x6 Fine Arts Prints
8x8 20 Page Photo Album with USB

(5) 5x7 Fine Arts Prints
8x8 20-Page Photo Album with USB
1-2 Minute Boudoir Video

You are worth it.

Bridal Boudoir


2-Hour Photo Session
Hair & Makeup Pampering
Floral Bouquet & Props Available
All Digital Images (60-75 Images)
Head Over Heels Keepsake Suite

You Are Powerful.

*Payment plans available.


How do I book you?

That's Easy! Click on the "Book A Session Today" button above and fill out the questionnaire! I will reach out to you via your preferred method of communication within 24 hours!

How far in advance do I need to book my session?

6-8 weeks : Usually I am booked up a month or two in advance. A lot goes into planning your session, and much more happens behind the scenes post-session. Give yourself time to enjoy the journey. Additionally, this is super handy when financing comes into play!

How do I prepare for my session?

We have a welcome packet that is provided to all clients with upon booking! A good rule of thumb is to come clean and ready to go! Refer to my packet for timelines when it comes to: Tanning, waxing, hair changes, outfits, as well as how to prepare the week leading up to the session. Always use me as a resource if you have any questions!

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes! These are on a case by case basis, and typically need to be paid in full by the photo delivery date. Plan accordingly by scheduling far in advance. Boudoir sessions are an investment in yourself, and I can work with you to make the session happen for you!

How much is a retainer?

It is typically 50% of the package price. Pricing plans are available!

Why do I need to pay a retainer?

This holds your session as a guarantee that you are ready to take the leap with your empowerment session! Many have booked "on a promise" and never showed for their session. If your session includes hair and/or make-up, this fee is also applied towards retaining an artist, or artists, for your date!

What is your referral program?

Picture this: You are super happy with your session and tell all your friends about it! Your friend reaches out to me, books a session, and name drops you. Once their session is fully booked, you will receive an email from me with 10% off as a thank you for your kind words!

Do you have a studio? If so, where are you located?

I have a lovely home studio located in New River, AZ decorated to create a perfectly blissful and comfortable ambiance.

Do you photoshop?

No, No, and Hell No! For me, that defeats the purpose of embracing yourself! You are beautiful just the way your are, and your images will reflect that! I do some minor blemish and texture removal, but that's about all you will need!

Do you have a client closet?

We do offer client closet use at all of our sessions! We will coordinate your personal style and size prior to the session to ensure that a wide selection of beautiful pieces are available for your choice on the session day.

What if I want to do this, but am worried about my images being all over the internet?

You can rest assured that your images will never be shared without your permission. There are 3 types of releases that we will discuss while prepping your session: Full Release, Anonymous Release, and Private or Closed Session. Each session starts off automatically as a Private Session, however, once you receive your images, if we feel it is appropriate, we may ask if you would feel comfortable releasing your images with either a Full or Anonymous Release.

What is the difference between a Full Release, Anonymous Release, and Private Images?

A Full Release is when you allow unlimited access for me to use the images from your session for my website and Instagram.

Anonymous Release is when you still want me to post your photos, but crop out anything above the base of the nose. I also won't be putting your name or tagging you on social media.

Private Images, are just that! Private! I pride myself in my integrity and will respect your wishes in not putting your photos out there if you don't want them on the internet.

Do I have to tip you?

Tipping is never expected - The best way you can show your appreciation is by leaving a positive review, referring a friend (or friends), or offering a full release of your photos for social media. Please feel free to tip your hair/make-up artist and tanning specialist!

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